Approach the Throne – Introduction

I know I’ve been silent on my poor blog for a while, and in part this is because I’ve been working on a new post for the “My King, My God” category. I’ve had a new topic on my heart that I wanted to write about, but when I started delving into it, I quickly realized this topic was going to be much too large to fit into one article.

Therefore, I’ve decided to write a series of blog posts to discuss the topic in its entirety. The topic is basically a collection of thoughts on several issues that have weighed on me and been in my prayers lately, and I’ve seen connections between them all that gave rise to this series.

I’m calling the series “Approach the Throne,” and it will be focused on the greatness and grace of God. For what do we discover when we approach the throne of God? Both the surpassing greatness of the King who sits on it and the overwhelming grace that allows us to come before Him without fear.

I’ve come to realize in recent weeks that I don’t have a very good understanding of either God’s greatness or His grace, and I think the Church as a whole might be suffering from the same trouble. Do we truly understand that the God who invites our prayers about the small issues, like parking spaces and long lines, is the same God who “laid the foundations of the earth” (Job 38:4, ESV)? Moreover, do we truly understand that the God who is “of purer eyes than to see evil and cannot look at wrong” (Habakkuk 1:13, ESV) also looks upon us with love?

I know that I need this study, and I hope it will prove valuable to you as well. Below is the image that helped inspire the series:

Approach the Throne

This picture is from the Full of Eyes ministry, which offers original artwork as “visual exegesis” of Scripture verses. The artwork is offered free for the purposes of ministry, and I’ll be using some of those images throughout the course of this series (and probably in others). I encourage you to visit the ministry website to see more of the amazing imagery and read the devotional posts that go with them: click here to visit.

Thank you for joining me in this study. I hope it will prove valuable to all of us and bring us to a deeper fellowship with the One who loves us infinitely. Check back soon for the first article!

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