STORY UPDATE: Chapter Six of Dr. Flynn’s Shelter for Peculiar Animals

Dr. Flynn continuation

Hello friends! At long last, I’ve posted an update to my novel, Dr. Flynn’s Shelter for Peculiar Animals, on Wattpad! You can read the latest chapter (Chapter Six) and its precursors totally for free on Wattpad! All you need to do is make a free Wattpad account and find me on the site @authorcaitlineha! You can also use this link to find my Wattpad profile.

In the previous chapters of this tale, Ally Monroe finally convinced her parents to buy her a dog for her thirteenth birthday. That plan backfired when the perfect dog was not to be found at any of the shelters they visited, but on the way home, they happened to stop by the newly-opened Shelter for Peculiar Animals, owned and operated by Dr. Flynn, a kindly cryptozoologist dedicated to researching and rescuing unusual and mythical creatures from around the world. There, Ally found Scorch, an orphaned dragon chick, and chose to adopt him. Because of Scorch’s tender age, however, Ally agreed to care for him at the Shelter until he is old enough to come home with her.

In Chapter Six, Ally returns to the Shelter for her first day with Scorch. She meets Dr. Flynn’s widowed sister, Mrs. Myrtle, and finds Scorch napping contentedly in his cage. Dr. Flynn proceeds to instruct Ally in Scorch’s care, beginning with a rather unusual meal. As for the rest, well…you’ll have to read that for yourself. 😉

Hope you enjoy! Happy reading.

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