New Wattpad Story Announcement!

Hello everyone! About a week ago I saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie in theaters, which has always been one of my favorite fairy tales. Thanks to the film, I’ve been thrown headlong into a fantasy/fairy tale writing mood, and I decided to take a short detour from my other projects to write a Beauty and the Beast retelling novella.

This novella, entitled “The Beauty or the Beast?”, is based on the original fairy tale (which is in the public domain), not the Disney version or any other adaptations. You can find the whole story on Wattpad here and I plan to be making regular updates! The Prologue is currently available to read and I’ve planned for ten chapters to follow before the story is complete.

Beauty or Beast cover

Current cover while the story is in progress. I’ll hopefully get a better one made before long.

Here is the story synopsis:

He was a Beast that everyone feared. She was a Beauty that nobody saw.

According to Belinda’s father, she is the image of her beautiful mother, the woman who died giving birth to her. But as Belinda reaches adulthood and never has even one suitor – in spite of the attention her sisters attract – she begins to wonder what’s wrong with her.

Then her father runs afoul of a Beast in an isolated castle, and Belinda sacrifices her freedom to save her family. Can a cursed prince and an overlooked commoner find happily ever after?


Thanks for checking out this post! I hope you enjoy the story. 🙂

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