About the Diary

Okay, so what on earth is “Diary of My Alter-Ego”?

Short answer: another one of my crazy, goofy ideas. 😉

Long answer: Are you familiar with the basic premise of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”? It’s about a man with a very dull, ordinary life who constantly imagines himself in extraordinary circumstances.

As a writer, I see the world in a similar way. Ever since I was little, I’ve used my imagination to enhance the world around me and create exciting adventures (though I would not call my regular life dull). This is a big part of what enables me to be an imaginative writer: the ability to see the world in new ways and create stories that don’t yet exist.

So, this diary is just a fun writing outlet for me, in which I let you see inside my head and experience some of the imagination that takes place there as I go about my life. Some of the content will be true, some will not, most will be exaggerated, but hopefully all of it will be fun. Enjoy!

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