My Publications: Area of Effect Articles

I worked as a Contributing Writer for Area of Effect, an online and print magazine, from May 2017 to October 2018. Sadly, the organization that runs the magazine, Geekdom House, is currently on hiatus and the website is temporarily inactive. This means my articles cannot be viewed online at present.

All 21 articles I wrote for Area of Effect are listed below. Upon request, I can provide samples of some articles to professionals interested in hiring me as a writer. An Area of Effect anthology book is also forthcoming from the new independent publisher, Mythos & Ink, which will feature one of these articles.

All 2018 Articles:
  • “7 Life Lessons From Arcade Games” – September 2018
  • “Quiet Character Appreciation Day” – August 2018
  • “Ant-Man, the Wasp, and Shrinking Seriousness Down to Size” (Ant-Man and the Wasp) – July 2018
  • “Cross-Fandom Characters Who’d Be Siblings” – July 2018
  • “Donna Noble and Our Irreplaceable Roles in the Universe” – July 2018
  • “The Ultimate Avengers Playlist” – June 2018
  • Avengers: Infinity War Defines Love That Lasts Forever” (Avengers: Infinity War) – May 2018
  • “The Courage to Seek Counseling: Even Heroes Need a Hand” – April 2018
  • “Feeling Inadequate as a Support” – March 2018
  • “Three Super-Heroines Who Understand the Struggle” – March 2018
  • “Choosing Who We Become: Bucky Barnes and Past Trauma” – January 2018
All 2017 articles:
  • “Facing Anxiety in a Wide World” – December 2017
  • “All Hela Breaks Loose: The Goddess of Death’s Obsession” (Thor: Ragnarok) – November 2017
  • “Reading Grimm: Don’t Follow the (Blue) Light” – November 2017
  • “6 Times Fandoms Respected Christianity” – October 2017
  • “College Classes Taught by Your Heroes” – September 2017
  • “Beren, Luthien, and Overcoming Prejudice” – August 2017
  • “RWBY Chibi and Escaping into Fiction” – July 2017*
  • “Losing Your Self-Worth to a Suit” (Spider-Man: Homecoming) – July 2017
  • “Why Severus Snape Would Make a Great Therapist” – July 2017
  • “True Villainy in Once Upon a Time: Captain Hook VS. Rumpelstiltskin” – May 2017**

*This article was included in AoE’s print issue #10

**This article was included in AoE’s Best of 2017 print issue #11