About the Author

Caitlin Eha writes “stories woven from the land beyond,” blending her Christian faith with her love of fantasy tales. She believes that the best stories become guideposts, pointing the way from this world to the world to come. By writing, she hopes to encourage other weary travelers and to remind herself of the way onward.

A lifelong bookworm, Caitlin was born where the wild things are, then grew up in Narnia and Middle-earth. Her fiction writing includes novels, short stories, screenplays, and the occasional poem. She has also contributed nonfiction articles on Christianity and pop culture to online magazines such as Think Christian and anthology books such as Thy Geekdom Come.

During her few breaks from writing and from fighting orcs, Caitlin enjoys singing, creating (and sampling) tea blends, collecting replica swords, and cosplaying as her favorite characters.

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"Casting Out Fear in Genshin Impact"

Article (Think Christian magazine)

Read on to learn how Genshin Impact’s character Wriothesley allegorically demonstrates the way God casts out the fears of His people.

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